botanical garden

Are you passionate about plants?

Do you want to go out of town for a day or half a day?

Zamilane Tours offers a guided visit to the botanical garden managed by Center Technique Horticole de Tamatave, which is located 08 km from the city center..

The visit is accompanied by an expert guide in knowledge of plants and their medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Among the dominant plants in this garden are:

  • The endemic palm species of Madagascar; ;
  • Tropical fruits such as: wild soursop Birba, Grenadella, Poc-poc, Banana trees, Litchi, Litchi rambutan, Mangosteen, Longanier, Citrus, Pineapple …
  • The different species of spices such as: Cinnamon, Pepper, Pilipili pepper, Cloves, Turmeric….
  • The different species of medicinal plants that Malagasy people use every day to treat themselves.


  • – Departure from Toamasina by car, bicycle, motorbike. When you arrive in Ivoloina, you have the choice: either continue on land to the plot, or take the canoe which takes you to the plot to admire the beautiful scenery along the Ivoloina river..
  • Visit of the botanical plot guided for an hour or more it depends on your time;
  • Factory tour and tropical fruit tasting, but it depends on the number of people.
  • Back in town, stop at the spice market to buy souvenirs.

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