Cult site: Dobon’ny Taha-masina

The ancestor worship practiced in Madagascar reflects a particular vision of the world. While many cultures and religions oppose life and death, the Madagascan spirit sees death as one stage of life among others. “Those who left have only a time advance because the road is common” expresses a Malagasy proverb. The dead in Madagascar did not die in the sense understood by Western cultures, that is to say withdrawn from the world of the living: they reached the ultimate phase of life, the higher stage of the hasina, that is, the wisdom that comes from old age. Paying tribute to them is thus a way of giving thanks to life, in its most accomplished form.

Ancestor worship thus provides a social framework: razana indeed symbolize continuity, respect for rules, attachment to the family, the village (fokonolona) and the group. Close in their social function of “old wise men guarantors of traditions”, they arouse a mixture of respect and fear. In the Madagascan spirit, a natural disaster or illness often results from some ancestor offended by the transgression of a fady or the name respect for a fomba (tradition).

If the Malagasy people want to solve their problems or want to make a wish, where can they go?

 The Malagasy, first they can contact a sorcerer-healer or they go directly to a sacred place to communicate to the spirits of the ancestors to solve their problems or to accept their wish. This is the reason why Zamilane Tours offers you a half-day excursion to see an example of a cult site, where people can communicate directly with the spirits of the ancestors.


  • Departure from the city in tuc tuc,
  • Stop at the village of Ambodisaina to admire and at the same time meet the local people who are shouldering their goods coming from 5 to 14 km from the countryside in order to assist the daily market of Ambodisaina.

Stop at the panoramic viewpoint of Farafaty

Visit of dobon’ny Taha-masina: place of worship where people make an appointment with ancestral spirits.

On this sacred place we can see a lot of know-how and the translation to communicate with the spirits of investigating namely:

  • Provision of offerings, honeys, traditional alcoholic drink….
  • Sarong, red color and white color….

Return to Tamatave and end of our excursion.

For information: Wednesday is fady or taboo day.