Excursion on  Foulpointe

Before, Foulpointe was both the first port of Toamasina and a fishing village. There is a portion of land, in the shape of a point, which advances into the sea. This place served as a port for the commerce of India.

One day a fisherman caught a big fish, and he called his friends to help him pulling the fish, then they carried him to the point. In the open sea, a “vazaha” watched the phenomenon through binoculars, and called his friends saying: “Come, come and see the crowd at the point!” ” Hence the name Foulpointe.

As for the name Mahavelona, ​​according to history, there was a king from the highlands who had a daughter who had been sick for several years. When he went to see a healer (mpanandro), the latter indicated to him the lake located north of the village, to bathe his daughter. The king did so and his daughter, after full bathing, was healed. The king now called the lake Lake Mahavelona (Dobo Mahavelona). This is how the population of Foulpointe still keeps the name Mahavelona-Foulpointe to this day, the name of their commune.

Being a seaside resort, Foulpointe is one of the most visited tourist and excursion destinations in Toamasina.

It is not only famous for the seaside site but also for historical and cultural potentials.

It is located 54 km north of Tamatave on the national road number 5, this route is characterized by green landscapes, typical products of the East such as fruit and there is also what characterizes the tribute Betsimisaraka is their house style.

Activities on site:

  •  Visit of the Manda Fort: it is the rest of Manda which was built by Radama I in the 19th century.
  • Canoe ride
  • Relaxation on the beach well protected by the coral reef.
  • Swimming
  • Grilling of seafood.