Excursion on the pangalane  chanel

The excursion is organized by boat along the Pangalane Chanel to admire the beautiful landscape and the daily life of the local population.

Zamilane Tours offers you a special excursion, for those interested in discovering the story of the arrival of the Missionaries of London in 1818, the place where they built their first school in Madagascar. We also bring you to a typical and authentic village which represents the Bestimisaraka tribe: their traditional stilt houses.

Zamilane wishes you a good  excursion !!!

Programes :

  • Departure from the hotel or the port at 8:30 am to reach the river port.

  •  Boarding and systematization at the river port which is located 3km from the city center. From the river port, you begin to discover the daily life of local people during at about  1 hour of the jorney. This artificial lake was dug during the colonial era to facilitate the transport of goods, and until  this day the Malagasy still use it for the same purpose.

  •  Arrived at Tapakala village, you make the tours of the village “old village of Toamasina”, the place where the missionaries from London landed and they built the first school of Madagascar on this village.

  •  Visit and get to know the local traditions: their houses, customs and traditions in the Mahatsara village.

  •  After the visit, you will have time to relax a bit on the beach.

  • Before going back, we always take you to the big market for shoping.