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Sainte-Marie Beach

Admire the landscape on the side of canal Pangalane. Excursion at natural pool with the visiting of grave of pirate. Excursion in sandy island .

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The Famous RN 7

To see the activities of the peasants such as making bricks,rice field,selling some fruits and vegetables. To visit the workshop of wood in Ambositra.

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Discovery of Baobab

Admire the beautiful landscape of savanna. Discovery the dried-forests,baobabs and the wild animals. To visit the baobabs in love and sunset

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Zamilane Tours

Receptive Tour Operator

Tongasoa, welcome to the Zamilane tours, a tour operator receptive to travel, located in Madagascar.

It is thanks to experienced teams, very enthusiastic, well informed and passionate about travel across the island of Madagascar that Zamilane pointed his nose and managed to do well “the dream of travel differently”.

It is the desire to satisfy the customers, make them discover and enjoy unique experiences for unforgettable trips to Madagascar !

Do you plan a trip to Madagascar, the red island?

We propose different circuits, according to your choice, according to your theme and why not map by map ? We will take you to discover Madagascar, in the four corners of the island. Whether in the South, in the East, in the North and in the West. We will ship you by private car, by train. You will enjoy your holiday here! We make you live the life of the population in the countryside: the island of mats Sainte-Marie, you are given a traditional canoe: rowing! Let’s go fishing together! Grilled fish or lobster together.

Our itineraries depend on your budget. All age groups are welcome!

You want to go on vacation ? With friends, family or why not on luxury and honeymoon trips?

Contact Zamilane tours !

Who are we?

Jean Christian

Ecologist Guide

Fabien Bernard

National Tour Guide

FABIEN and I, we are friends since long time.Our friendship is based on studies. Me,I have followed tourism for two years and academic formation for 5 years about sustainable tourism and Biodiversity, but for him ,he has followed economics and masters all about bureaucrat and manages entreprise.Thanks all knowledges and experiences we have got, we created one enterprise which is named : ZAMILANE TOURS, it means «the two best friends ».

Zamilane Actus

Find here information on biodiversity and tourism in Madagascar

The island of the baobab

The island of the baobab

With seven of eight species of Madagascar known in the World, Madagascar is the destination of the choice of eco-tourist and scientific fascinated by  this strange with thousand virtue unknown plants. The baobab is the symbol natural treasures of Madagascar an spreads...

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Nearly half of the 150 chameleon species recorded in the world are in Madagascar. There is the largest of the "Parson" chameleons which can reach 65 cm. But there are also the smaller chameleons such as "Brookesia micra". The latter is the size of a match! It's...

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