ivoloina park and city tour

“We don’t have Palaces but our biodiversity is 5 stars”

Ivoloina park and city tour

This excursion is based only on the discovery of the Lemurs.


  • Departure at 8 am by car to reach the Ivoloina Park which is located 12km from the Port of which: 8km paved road and 4km tracks.
  • When you arrive at Ivoloina Park, you just have to start visiting the Zoo to enjoy the animals being active.
  • – After visiting the Zoo, you will also visit the environmental education center to find out about the state of our biodiversity today.
  • Return to the city center, before doing a small shoping at the large craft market, you make a small city tour to know the history of the city before returning.
  • To end your excursion, you will go to Bazary Be to buy some souvenirs.