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All species of lemurs are strepsirrhine primate's endemic to Madagascar. They range from the world's smallest primate, Mrs. Berthe's which which weighs 30 grams, to the Indri (Indri indri)which can weigh up to 10 kg. However, recently extinct species had a much larger size. Currently, five families, 15 genera and 112 species and subspecies of lemurs are officially recognized.

This tour from Tananarive, to the East Coast, passing on the famous Pangalanes canal allows you to discover and approach more than ten species of lemurs, among which the Indri indri and the Aye Aye.

It is a tour accompanied by a guide specialist and passionate about the fauna and flora of the east coast of Madagascar.

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Arrival at Ivato international airport, welcome and transfer to the hotel. You will spend one night in Antananarivo: the local name of this city that the French have Frenchized during the colonial era, "Tananarive", which has nothing to do with Antananarivo, in terms of meaning. The city of the 2 CV Citroen, the Renault 4L, Peugeot 305 which are still in activity

As soon as the sun rises, or even at dawn, you will hear a lot of noises: voice calls from the Taxi Be drivers, voice calls from the merchants to attract customers, noises from the carts pulled by the Zebus.... Don't worry about it because this is the rhythm in Madagascar. The Malagasy get up early and go to bed early.

After breakfast, you head east through the city until you reach the famous "ROUTE NATIONALE 2 :RN2".  From there, you count 75 km for the first stop to visit the reptile reserve at Peyrieras. It is a small reserve where you can see very closely different types of chameleon of which the biggest is the Parsonnii chameleon " Calumma Parsonnii" different types of gecko uroplatis endemic to Madagascar, snakes, frogs, bats and butterflies...The visit lasts about 45 minutes.

After the visit, you continue towards the Andasibe park. Lunch on the way, and in the afternoon, visit of a lemur island, within the famous vakona reserve which is located at about 7km from Andasibe village. During this visit, you will discover and even touch the soft plush of these lemurs. In this small reserve, you will see species of lemurs such as: Eulemur fulvus (fawn lemur), varecia variegata (black and white lemur), varecia rubra (red lemur), Sifaka (dancing lemur), Hapalemur griseus (small bamboo lemur)...

End of the afternoon, dinner and overnight at the hotel

After breakfast at the hotel, you will visit the national park managed by Madagascar National Park for a duration of 3 hours. It is the second most visited park after the park of isalo. The park of Andasibe gathers two distinct reserves: the reserve of Mantadia and that of Analamazaotra. The tourist attraction of Andasibe Périnet remains in the observation of lemurs, orchids and birds. It is an opportunity to see the largest lemur of Madagascar " Indri indri " or locally called " Babakoto " in its natural habitat.

After the visit of this park, you continue the road towards the famous canal of Pangalanes, picnic lunch on the way. In the early afternoon, you arrive at the edge of the lake " RASOA BE " where you take a boat which transfers you to the hotel, passing 3 lakes and channel of which: " Rasoa Be, Rasoa Masay and the lake Ampitabe. The Pangalanes Canal is the second longest canal in the world, after the Suez Canal, which extends north of Foulpointe and south of Mananjary, about 640km. Due to human activities regarding deforestation, a large proportion of this canal is no longer navigable. The most elegant place of this canal is Ankanin’ny nofy, or the dream nest, where you will stay.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

After breakfast, you proceed to the daytime visit of the Palmarium reserve. It is a visit of 3h of time, during which your local guide makes you discover the Flora, such as: Euphorbia milis, species of palms, orchids, pepper tree and ferns and especially the carnivorous plant. As for the Fauna, it makes you discover more than 8 species of lemurs which follow you, from time to time because the guide brings with him pieces of bananas. The guide keeps imitating the calls of the lemurs, until he finds the biggest lemur of Madagascar, the "Indri indri".

In the afternoon, after lunch, visit the village of fishermen "Andranokoditra".

At the end of the afternoon, you embark again in a boat towards the Aye aye island. This is a special moment to discover the largest nocturnal lemur of Madagascar.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Toamasina or Tamatave is located sixty kilometers from Ankanin'ny nofy. Departure early in the morning to admire the landscape and the beauty of this canal, with the activities of local people. Along the way, you will meet the fishermen in the fresh water of the canal, their fishing gear and their fishing techniques that you will never have imagined.

Around noon, you arrive in Toamasina, the second largest city in Madagascar, with about 411,993 inhabitants, and the famous gateway city, thanks to the existence of the largest port in Madagascar.

In the afternoon, city tour to know the history of the city; the gateway of the history: the political history, the history of education. It is the terminal city of the TCE (Tananarive Côte Est) railway network. During your tour, you will not fail to admire the largest avenue of independence, lined with palm trees planted in 1930, and the beloved square where you can admire the large ficus trees, the "Strange Trees".

Before going to the hotel, take the opportunity to visit the Great Spice Market: good quality vanilla, pepper, pink berry, turmeric, nutmeg....

Dinner and overnight at the hotel

After breakfast, departure for Tananarive, passing again on the famous RN2 lined with Palm trees "Traveler's Tree". Lunch stop in Moramanga. Towards the end of the afternoon, you arrive in Tananarive

After breakfast, departure for the visit of the palace of King Andrianampoinimerina in Ambohimanga. This hill is classified as world heritage by UNESCO. It consists of a royal city, a royal burial site and a set of sacred places.

In the afternoon, discovery of the dyke market. It is a craft market where you can buy small souvenirs of Madagascar before returning.

Day use at the hotel, and after dinner, transfer to Ivato airport.







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