Who are we ?

FABIEN and I, we are friends since long time.Our friendship is based on studies. Me,I have followed tourism for two  years and academic formation for 5 years about sustainable  tourism and Biodiversity, but for him ,he has followed economics and masters all about bureaucrat and manages entreprise.Thanks all knowledges and experiences we have got, we created one enterprise which is named   : ZAMILANETOURS, it means «the two best friends ».



ZAMILANE Tours,is travel agency and specific trip and operator tour. Managed by accompanist guide that has already travelled and studied a lot of things about Red Island which is their own country: Madagascar. ZAMILANE TOURS is created for travelers, convivial service and personal.

In order to plan well your journeys here in our hometown, ZAMILANE team is in your disposition for all informations, which are necessary. We stand up all days to suggest you, to recommend you, of course to consider your ideas.

Our Team

ZAMILANE TOURS is including dynamic and strong officer, the guides and drivers. They are all professional as well, charismatic and like to travel. Since its existence, Team ZAMILANE Tours work with some inmost, convivial hotels in Madagascar.

Team ZAMILANE Tours work by having a plenty of travel experiences in their hometown ant keep on visiting some wonderful places every year in order to find a new thing to offer you. Our main goal is to make your holiday  perfect.